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The mission of the Learning Resource Center is to support the institution’s instructional, curricular and research program by providing an organized, relevant, adequate, and up to date collection in all formats.

• To select and acquire books, journals, magazines, and other library materials used in the instruction.  
• To meet the current and emerging information needs of its clientele.
• To provide literacy for lifelong learning.
• To place the right book in the hands of the right reader at the least possible time.  
• To develop and maintain the habit of reading into one’s self.
• To provide academic recreational activities for leisure time of the patrons.


Nested in the fifth floor of the building 1 is a place where every lover of knowledge would indulge themselves; a place of learning—the Library.


The Learning Resource Center houses collections in almost all formats that have been prudently selected by authorities. The library collection reflects the needs of the curriculum and the interests of the users.

The library practices the open shelf system. Our books are shelved following the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme.

The LRC is divided into the following sections:
Circulation Section – contains fiction and non-fiction books written by non-Filipino authors and published outside the Philippines.
Reference Section – contains all general references such as dictionaries, almanacs, encyclopedias, yearbooks, atlases and standard references in the special subject fields.
Filipiniana Section - contains works authored by Filipinos, materials pertaining and published in the Philippines.
Internet Area - computer workstations connected to the world-wide web.


Expect when there are no classes and holidays, the library is open to serve its users from Monday to Friday 7:30AM-5:30PM.


• The library is a place for silent and private study. A user must therefore maintain silence at all times.
• Upon entrance, a user is required to present her/his LIBRARY CARD and shall log in the library-automated attendance.
• A student can bring writing materials only if the library staff had checked them.
• A student is required to handle the books and reading materials very carefully. A clean hand is a must. Writing and/or marking the library books with pencil or ink, tearing or spoiling the pages are strictly prohibited.
• Personal items should not be left unattended in the library. The library will not take responsibility for loss or damage to such items.
• Food, drinks, gum and candy are not permitted in the library.


1. Be considerate to others. Maintain a low conversational tone of voice in the library.
2. Users are requested not to reshelf the books. Instead, the books are to be returned to the circulation desk after consultation. The library staff will be the ones to return them on their proper places.
3. Cellular phones are permitted in the library but should be turned to silent mode to avoid disturbing other library users. Patron must leave the library to place or receive calls.
4. When leaving the library, push back the chairs and leave silently.
5. Any activity that can disturb others IS NOT tolerated.


The success of a library largely depends upon the persons who are responsible for the effective use of good collection in the hands of the readers; therefore, the Learning Resource Center is man by a licensed librarian. Librarian’s activities are not limited as some of the professions. Her/his primary goal is to place the right book in the hands of the right reader at the least possible time.  


The most important function of a library is to make it easy for users to locate and borrow items from the collection. This section implements the policies and procedures concerning the borrowing and returning of books borrowed for overnight reading use by faculty, staff and students.

Services provided by the Circulation Section:

• Checking out and returning of books  and other materials
    1. A user is required to present her/his library card when borrowing books and other library materials. A student can borrow two (2) books for one 24 hours.
(Items may be renewed if the student still needs them.)
    2.Encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, atlases, and periodicals such as magazines, journals and newspapers ARE STRICTLY FOR LIBRARY USE ONLY.

• Applying and renewing of library cards
a. A student needs to submit one (1) 1x1 picture for library card application.
b. Lost library cards are re-applied with the librarian upon presentation of the official receipt of a Php100.00 penalty. Until then, resources can be borrowed.

• Paying fines for overdue, lost or damaged item
a. Students with an overdue book may NOT check out additional materials until the overdue book is returned.
b. Notices will be sent to students for books that are overdue.
c. A penalty of Php10.00 each day will be charged to the students for the material that is unreturned on the due date. (inclusive of Saturday, Sunday and Holidays)
d. All students are responsible for any books checked out in their names registered.
e. Items overdue by one (1) month are considered lost and require immediate payment for replacement and a processing fee of Php100.00.
f. Lost book or any materials drawn out of the library should be reported and settled immediately.
    Lost book must be replaced with an exact copy or an up to date title, if there is no exact copy available in the bookstore and a processing fee of Php 100.00.

Issuing of referral letters
Should a student need to visit other libraries; he/she is required to present his/her validated library card.

• NON-ISHRM Researchers
Students and Faculty of other institutions are allowed to use the library and access its collection upon presentation of referral letter from the chief librarian of the school of origin and a receipt of Php 50.00.

• Reprographic Services

a. Photocopying
Photocopying of the library materials is allowed provided that the material is not one of the ff.:
• Books which are larger than the photocopier platen
• Books with brittle or torn pages.
• Books with historically important or fine bindings.
• Tightly bound books

b. Digital Photography
A digital camera may be used to photograph special collections material that otherwise may not be reproduced due to conservation concerns. The library user must seek permission first to the librarian/library personnel before photographing any material.


The library makes every effort to comply with the copyright laws when acquiring or duplicating resources.


The library provides computer terminals with access to internet. The time allotted for each user is twenty -five (25) minutes (may extend when there is no one to use).

The ff. rules shall be followed when using computer terminals:

• NO Online chatting
• NO Online gaming
• NO Adult sites
• Flash drives and CDs are not allowed for saving files; instead, users are advised to save them to their emails.


The Reference librarian handles all the inquiries of the academic community through the following:

a. Online queries
- Students and other users can send their inquiries online. Online reference provides accurate and instant answers to reference questions.
b. Direct Inquiry
- Users are encouraged to approach any of the library personnel for any questions and in locating books and other materials.  

More questions? Please contact our librarian @ (046) 519-1893

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